Letter: Why belittle Ash Kalra’s bill aimed at cutting waste? – California


Walters belittles bill
aimed at cutting waste

Re: “Walters: Some bills are silly, and some are just dumb” (Opinion section, April 28):

Dan Walters belittles attempts to reduce human footprints on the planet, calling Assemblyman Ash Kalra’s bill to eliminate small single-use bottles of soap and shampoo in hotels “silly.” Estimates are that nearly 200 million tiny bottles are produced each year, most of which are discarded when travelers check out of their hotels.

Clearly this is not a “minuscule” problem, and it is one that is easily solved. If we are going reduce the harmful effects of human activity on the planet, we must look at all wasteful practices and find alternatives. Nobody will be inconvenienced if they have to use soap or shampoo from wall-mounted dispensers in their hotel showers rather than open tiny bottles and dispense from them.

I’m proud of California’s leadership on environmental issues and look forward to the rest of the world catching up to us.

David Cohen
San Jose


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