Letter: PG&E can make lemonade by investing in renewables – California


PG&E can make lemonade
by investing in renewables

Re: “Don’t let climate change thwart state’s climate goals” (Opinion section, Page A14, June 9):

V. John White’s op-ed stresses that “it is critical that we uphold our environmental commitments, which are the best tools we have to protect our state against future climate-driven disasters.”

While reducing emissions is critical, there is an equally strong case that investing in renewables is key to sound economic recovery for PG&E.

A primary driver for the energy transition is the fact that renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020.

David Giordano, a managing director at the global investment management firm BlackRock, predicts that declining costs “will make wind and solar the dominant source of new power generation coming onto the grid for the foreseeable future.”

PG&E has the opportunity to make lemonade from lemons if it involves the best future-focused business and science leaders who know how to implement solutions that are winners both economically and environmentally.

Virginia Tincher
Palo Alto


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