Letter: Bravo to students succeeding at college admission without corrupt help – California


Bravo to students who
succeed without bribes

Re: “How good is this high school? It’s ranked best in the Bay Area: At Gilroy Early College Academy, students live up to its high expectations” (Page A1, May 13):

Kudos to the Gilroy Early College Academy! I was thrilled to read about its successes educating students and getting them ready for further education.

In Silicon Valley as well as Southern California where so many parents have been in the news for bribing people to take tests for their kids or correct their SAT answers, or for falsely claiming their kids are active in certain sports, this is a breath of fresh air.

We live in an area where so many people of wealth believe they are entitled just because of that — money.

Bravo to the parents and teens who are succeeding without corrupt help. These are the young adults who will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

As a retired teacher, I couldn’t be prouder of you all. Integrity is always rewarded.


Karen Lund


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